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Case Study – Market Research Audit

 Stripping down the existing brand equity program with developing brand tracking „light“ versions

Global FMCG company


Local markets (tier 2 & 3) were dropped from the global programs for budget reasons. They couldn’t afford the full-fledged brand equity tracking programs. But they needed to understand brand equity for local marketing initiatives, as they were completely lacking Brand image assessments to strategically improve communication towards growth of their market shares.

Project goal

Develop a light version of the brand tracking research to deliver about 80% of the learnings at a fraction of the cost



This helped not only to reduce the questionnaire length and the required sample size per market, but allowed to combine several brand categories for each research project


After we reviewed the brand equity tracking program and an analysis of the data base, we identified the essential key metrics for the brand tracking and created benchmarks for the relevant business questions


In addition, we added interactive workshops to all [internal] stake holders to capture the full value of his findings and to allow the marketing managers to pinpoint how to improve their communication focus


The result were 40% investment savings plus better analysis

Final Result


40% of investment savings


Less data AND more analysis with the addition of data bases analysis, structured equation modelling and META analysis by country across brands


Clear correlation of the brand share growth with brand images improvements

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