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Case Study – Insights integration 

Combine media spendings with insights from equity data, consumer panel data and social media monitoring


Global FMCG company


Many different data sources available, but no combined picture of how the data available adds to the big picture of the brand and which role played the social media spending for the brand

Project goal

Develop a mix model that includes all the relevant brand data from spending to market research, and the correlation between the different variables



We reviewed all available brand information: The brand spending, the sales volume, the price per SKU, as well as the available research data from social media listening and brand image association studies


We then identified the key measures and created a database where we combined all information into one data set and ran marketing-mix-modelling analysis


This mix-modelling has been customized to the client’s needs and made open for the integration of additional data available

Final Result


Understanding the weight of online social media positive or negative buzz on the brand equity and market shares


Optimizing marketing investments accordingly

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